Make a Catholic statement while you enjoy your morning coffee. Share it with friends.

Be Catholic. Drink it Bold.

Catholic coffee mugs are a great way to evangelize. They’re a fun and non-intrusive method of starting a conversation about what you believe and what’s really important in life. As you know, the divine faith of the Church is literally a “life-saver.” The Church is founded by Jesus as the fullest means of salvation, truth, and grace. She is God’s plan for humanity—for each and every person, everywhere.

It’s true that people today are somewhat allergic to conversations about religion and faith. These topics are often lumped in with politics and viewed as off-limits. It’s also the case that people today believe that all religions are basically equal. Each, they think, can be reduced down into one method among many of finding one’s way to heaven. They see religion as perhaps a good thing, but certainly not a necessary practice. Further, almost nobody is aware of the fact that there really is a true religion divinely instituted by God himself, as is precisely the case with the Christian religion transmitted in its fullness by the Catholic Church alone.

In short, we live in an exceedingly confused world in terms of what people think and believe about religion. You can help with that. In fact, that’s one reason why you were created! God made you to participate in Christ’s mission of salvation. It’s a high and noble calling.

Catholic coffee mugs are a great way to get past some of the difficulties found in evangelizing today. They afford people an opportunity to ask a question about the message they see there, which gives you the perfect opportunity to respond and ask them a question about what they believe in return.

And there you have it. Evangelization is happening!

Try one of these Catholic coffee mugs. Share the divine faith of the Church with others. They deserve to be informed. Everybody does. Be Catholic!