About Us

Hello! I’m Deacon Frederick Bartels.

Deacon Frederick Bartels

You might know me or one of our other talented writers from Joy In Truth, a site dedicated to evangelization and infusing culture with the divine faith and beliefs of the Spirit-guided Church.

The shop at Joy In Truth (shop.joyintruth.com) was created to fulfill a need for Catholics to make statements about their faith. Let’s face it, the world is filled with tons of secular images and sound bites. All of which say something that often influences people … but isn’t there a more important message?

As Catholics, we know an artificial separation between faith and life should never be imposed nor practiced. We believe in engaging the public square and wearing our faith on our “shirt-sleeves.” Why? Because that’s the thing that matters above all the rest: faith in Jesus Christ and full communion with his Church.

When we bring a Catholic message to others, we communicate a saving message that reaches into eternity. The people you know and love deserve to hear that message.

What We’re About

Our purpose is to give you ways to make statements and open conversations about what you believe. About life. About eternity. About truth. About what’s really important.

Our intention is to provide you with unique and cool Catholic stuff. The world needs it. Culture needs it.

Be Catholic. Be bold. Make a statement.